Winter is coming. So is Baby Ranboy. 

  • My body is already preparing to get “Dad fit” by tossing out the weight bench to make room: 


  • Baby Rangirl is paving the way for Baby Ranboy by stomping on any bugs that may get into the house to ruin his fun:

Ok that last one is a stretch- I’m teaching Baby Rangirl to be less dainty despite her Rapunzel dress by scaring all sorts of bugs she typically fears. Yes, that is a Thundercats wrist band, I rocked them in my emo phase of life. Yes, that is a badminton racket. We were “jellyfishing” in lieu of Spongebob’s favorite pastime. 

  • The cat is getting ready by #occupyingbassinet:

Notice how we prepared for the cat’s invasion by spreading a sheet to protect against her elements. Isn’t it weird that humans have to wear clothes but a cat can stroll around pantsless?

  • The dryer’s lint trap is all blue:


  • Even the autocorrect is getting ready with “Ranboy” suggestions:

Da-hell is a “Rangy”?