I’m not a dad who supports the idea of premonitions and predicting the future. But dammit WordPress is on point with its app:


My attempt to upload a pic of Baby Rangirl trying on a million pairs of shoes at the store is just a look into a hellish future of failed dreams to own a closet free from shoes that aren’t mine. 

You know Baby Rangirl, it was a nightmare trying to get you to commit to 1 pair of shoes. If it were up to you we’d get every Disney themed pair. If it were up to your mom and the cat you’d have your own wing in the house for shoes which she built off of the insurance money from my untimely-yet-convenient death. 

Look at her. All comfy living off the land.  

Look at her co conspirator…cleaning herself off my mat, wearing no pants around the house like she owns the place.