We’re still in the process of adjusting to 2 kids. Baby Rangirl- my hope is that we didn’t mess you up in the head due to either complete negligence or over-compensation in the attention department. As you read this blog in the future from some jail cell awaiting the jury’s verdict for attempted murder on my life, remember one thing: we tried. 

For example, embarrassing you as payback for disturbing my sleep is actually a healthy sign of love and great parenting. It’s all the rage back here in 2015…snapping pics of you in your most vulnerable state only means I want the best for my Baby Rangirl.


In trying to balance 2 kids who equally need our attention, we even made conscious efforts to spend full days with you whilst your grandmother watched Baby Ranboy. Consider that before trying to push us down the stairs in our old age. 


Did you end up snapping because I forced you into doing chores before reaching four years on this green earth? Well in order to keep the earth green, daddy’s lawn needs manicuring. 


You can’t honestly be mad for Mommy Ranman and I taking hours-off-at-a-time to do date nights without you and your brother…we need a break too.  

It’s hard trying to predict exactly why you hate us in the future. My official guess is because we grounded you from dating boys through your teenage years. Knowing the dudes I did growing up- boys suck in general. So go do your homework. And ignore the double standards when I let your baby bro talk to the ladies as young as 9 years of age.