I certainly feel our daughter’s one work day of the year is starting to pay off. Halloween candy is an accepted form of pay in the Ranman household. However, your stock goes down when you latch onto some imitation Batman:

Granted, it’s cute walking Baby Rangirl and her bestie on the block from door to door…but Batman’s need to ring all 20 door bells despite being some not being decorated for Halloween – just…argh! 

Points deducted for Baby Rangirl not putting her princess feet down and noticing her father being over the holiday. She naturally chose to ring as many bells as Batman. 

And poor little Baby Ranboy. Homie was bored out of his mane. Or cub head. Sorry, I have no clue what he was dressed as- lion? Bear? Sleeping sack of cute?

Needless to say, 1 week later and we’re still swimming in candy- and in a few weeks: debt. That’s one pool Baby Rangirl has learned to float in: right after Halloween we received the ToysRus big book of toys. With a $200 princess castle. Which is the only thing she wants. She circled the toy with engineer-like precision. But ask her to write down the letter “A” and she’s as coordinated as a snail trying to write for the first time. 

When did Halloween become so unfun? If you’re reading this blog post in the future Baby Rangirl (or Teenage Rangirl?), you better be able to locate and play with that castle on demand. I don’t care if you’re too old. Who cares what the mean girls at school will say? I want your Barbies conducting a $200-worth tea party with Ken playing some of my favorite tunes in the common area of the castle. 

Pains in my butt.