I’m a believer in letting the television do its job helping raise our kids when I have no one else to shut them up when an emergency comes up. Said emergencies can range from a trip to the potty or eating my already cold meals. I don’t know why I even bother heating up my food when I know these 2 monsters aren’t into granting the chance at a room temperature meal. 

Naturally the TV will show only educational shows…but there’s only so much Daddy Ranman can tolerate:

Mommy Ranman doesn’t approve us playing WWE wrestling games with all the scantily clad women and violence taking place…  
Meanwhile, Baby Ranboy is digging the football; though I don’t think he’s supposed to watch TV until he’s 2:


…and what daddy’s girl wouldn’t be complete without her own iPad? My Netflix suggestions are all messed up from shows already viewed such as Narcos and Sesame Street: