I feel as though the number 3 repeats itself in our recently-formed family. We rely on TV as a third parent, we brace for hell when Baby Rangirl doesn’t get a nap in by 3PM, our life goals now include avoiding a third child…and so on. 

This “three” concept extends to Christmas. Baby Rangirl and now Baby Ranboy get 3 Christmases. Or “Christmasais”? I never had to pluralize the word Christmas before kids. 

That includes gifts from ALL parents (grandparents all the way through actual parents). In addition you have the aunts and uncles with no child of their own + indisposable income. That equals little real estate in the house, along with the Mommy Ranman declaration of a war on gift-receiving. 

Baby Rangirl: here’s your fake Santa eating cookies:


And you giving into the hype at 3 years-old:


How about a cat at Mommy Ranman’s former childhood home? First cat/living organism who didn’t find your whining overly high-pitched:

How about a set of blocks you’ll only play with once?

If you’re a parent , you’ll understand:


Fine…it is cute watching you believe in the fat guy:

 And receiving gifts you’ll play with once at max: