Getting Baby Rangirl ready for her new daycare wasn’t as tough as I thought it’d be. Granted, I get help from a super-sleepy Mommy Ranman who has to get to bed earlier so that we can prep Baby Ranboy for his morning departure.  And sleeping early is so hard when all you want to do is yell at the TV whilst watching Netflix’s Making A Murderer. 

The biggest struggle with Baby Rangirl is convincing her that it’s too cold to wear a dress everyday in the middle of winter. 
The hipster vibe below was more novelty since she wasn’t going anywhere that day:

This ham of a kid loves her “princess dresses” and attention. I was actually trying to snap a pic of Baby Ranboy here:

I don’t know how we’re going to get Baby Rangirl excited about school. The new daycare was disappointed she couldn’t write her name at the age of 3, and she gets 1st grade level homework. 

Like her dad, all she wants to do is #playandchill.