The snows came and they settled in our driveway this past weekend, Babies Rangirl and Ranboy. And in true New York fashion, not one neighbor offered a hand or at least shape a path for our sidewalk with their fancy snow plows. Nope, there’s a clear line where their plowing ended- along with the annual gift baskets we give. 

Just remember little girl and Baby Ranboy- your pops wasn’t as slow and fat as you see him whilst reading this post in the future. I had like a 2 pack-of-abs thing going, and the strength of 20 5 year olds (no, not 25 year-olds). So I shoveled our driveway and sidewalk by my lonesome. And I won winter with no machines (since the snow thrower we do own can barely fling a cat, sadly). 

“I’m like a modern day superman!” I exclaimed. 

“Yes, you are,” Mommy Ranman said in that tone she uses with you kids when you’re seeking acclamation for picking up the same toy we yelled at you about two days prior. 

The Jonas blizzard ensured we were stuck with you two for a longer weekend than we asked for. Even though we were able to ship you off to Grandpa Ranman for a few hours on Monday, these kids have a great way making up for lost time. What’s the equivalent to “cabin fever”, but with kids?

Daddy’s little helper:   
Hot cocoa after hard work:  
And then there’s the attack on daddy, or the blizzard-in-the-house:

Followed by cheeks, which is 90% of my view since Baby Ranboy doesn’t appreciate you talking to him any higher than eye level: