It’s been… 0 days since I last called Baby Rangirl something mean. I try to stray away from names like idiot or dummy: a favorite with  Ranman Senior whilst raising me. But yesterday called for some choice words during dinner. 

I’m sure by now you’re used to the name calling as you read this blog post in the distant future. Heck Baby Rangirl, when am I not calling people loser as per all the Donald Trump I’m being exposed to in 2016?

But sweet Jeebus and Maria were you extra saucy with the “No!” and “I don’t want to!” talk. I was so flabbergasted that I just threw water at you. Granted, I do my best to suppress laughter when scolding or listening to you yell back. I think to myself “is this really happening? Am I a dude who still plays PlayStation and smacks my gal’s bum, now trying to be authorative with another human being??” 

I do feel bad hours later for all the name calling and allowing you to slip and fall on the water I threw at you earlier. All the guilt-television you’re racking up surely must explain you’re inevitable hate for me as you read this years later. Just…just don’t leave me to rot in a nursing home without video games, ok Baby Rangirl? You’re mother will drive me nuts otherwise. 

Now, pictures to show I am an okay dad. 

Me FaceTimeing for your 4th birthday while away for work…hmm…not a great parenting moment:

Making up with a guilt-trip to a water park:

Taking the wrong toothpaste to my business trip…yours is way tastier:

Your bro enjoying the water park, reflecting on life so far: