Dear heaven almighty and its sisters, Baby Rangirl is sick! Our bed flew its bedsheets at half mast, fully realizing the decrease in time which will be spent sleeping. The cat upped her Annoying Meter to level 5 and began her quest for food at 4AM vs. 5AM. Baby Ranboy decided to throw in a rare 2 AM feeding to keep the chaos going. 

And Baby Rangirl kicks up the neediness 100%. From spoon feeding to passing the tissues which are inches away- this kid would outsource peeing for her if it were possible. 

This time we waited to hit the doctor due to the innocence of the congestion. We finally took the trip after 2 days of unstable body temperatures, letting the doc know of our girl’s history of ear infections and current complaints of mouth pain: and got sent home with a “eh, she’ll be fine.”

With the lack of eating and further pains we diagnosed a sinus infection with the help of family and Google. The office’s nurses on the phone when we called back? 

“Pain in the mouth? I never heard of that.”

Mommy Ranman: “Methinks we have a case of sinus infection, which the doctor failed to consider during our 2 hour visit there.”

Nurse: “I just asked the head nurse and she feels it is sinus infection because the [something] gland swelling up…just take Advil and ride it out.”

Needless to say, that office will be Yelped-By-Ranman later today. 

We just gotta get Baby Ranman back to the dancing bafoon she is…sans boy, below:

Meanwhile we have Baby Ranboy keeping his distance to avoid the vigorous coughing his sister unleashes. Stuck in deep thought.  All in argyle. Once he gets matching socks we’ll know he’s too old for hugs.