In an exhausting day of purging the last of the kids accessories lying around, Baby Rangirl found a way to help out:

Yup, our little mofos are embarking on new chapters. We traveled to hell-in-New York: preK registration for Not-So-Baby Rangirl. Dude. 2.5 hours in a system that required 7 forms and none were digital. Hell. 

I immediately dropped “ass” and “douche” bombs within my first 5 minutes of waiting, channeling my younger Ranman in a school environment. Mommy Ranman regressed to her younger nerd state and almost tattled on me to the closest adult. 

Meanwhile, Baby Ranboy is too big for his swing: coming in at the 83rd percentile for weight in his age group. This swing lasted Baby Rangirl at least 1 year; Baby Ranboy barely lasted 7 months. 

Saddens me to think that I need to learn new school curriculums whilst we try to remember how to train a kid to sleep all over again. 

Grab me a drink, boy.