In these trying times of parenting, we’re always looking for leverage in the Ranman household. It’s solely for you at the moment, Baby Rangirl, seeing as your baby bro is easily sedated by pacifiers, bottles, and anything else in boob-form. 

If anything of interest pops up in your life, it becomes a new weapon to bribe you with. Toys, candies…and dresses. Holy crap are you all about the dresses. 

When you threaten to come into our bed at night due to nightmares, we go fight back with “fine, then no dress to school tomorrow!” Slap on some jeans and you are in a funk for the rest of the day, my dear daughter. 

We can’t even get you to come down the steps without promising a night gown later at night to make up for the lack of a dress-of-the-day fanfare. 

…now what can we use against your baby brother to get him to start crawling…

Yea, the sucker gives up quickly despite all sorts of foods and iPhones put in front of him as motivation. That’s just a Daddy Ranman trait: you just don’t really move from one spot until your favorite ice cream sundae is the end goal.