Is that Lil Ranboy growing his 2 front teeth??

Ugh. No. It’s Baby Rangirl finding some rat thing in Pokemon Go. What year is this? This little mofo calls me “lame” all the time, and gets excited over this game?

At least the little man isn’t into this…wait. Where are you buddy? Ah! Gotta find you the same way we’re searching for Pokemons. 

Well at least we’re still in the year…wait! Did I just catch someone on my train with a DISCMAN??? 

Ok. It’s 1997 and the Yankees are still the best team ever. 
***8:07PM update: Pokemon has backfired. Baby Rangirl is scared of Pokemons. She will be in our bed all night. F-me, right?

I’m. So. Scared. Of her bothering us come 2AM.