8 friggin’ words I thought were reserved exclusively for annoying teenagers and daughters who hate their dads. Guess we have the latter on our hands when Baby Rangirl contested my request to wash her hands. All over her cleansing her hands. Not her heathen soul

This 4 year old sucker has been really trying our fear of Social Services lately with statements that are well beyond any kid her age. I defended her scolding Mommy Ranman with “don’t you touch me!” as an act of self defense. The stifling Mommy Ranman kisses she delivers would cause any child to act in aggression. 

Yesterday, Baby Ranboy was pushed down by this tyrant. Baby Rangirl- as you read this blog in your old age please note this: that fear you still have of me began with this post. 

I’ll follow up on how the parents win in this situation. Odds are in our favor. We will restore harmony:

Till then, run for your life, little man.