Little buddy! You’re a man now! Countdown is 203 months & 30 days until the last little one of youse is out the house and off to college/unemployment line. 

As a pre-birthday gift, you went ahead and ordered yourself a little treat:

You little turd. No more remotes for you. You’re a big boy now. Thus begins the dismantling of huge play gadgets you used only once. We’re slowly reclaiming the living room back. 

And as a final hurrah I gave you a haircut, shaving off the Irish curls your mom was loving so much. She teared up, threatening to chop off my limbs if I mess with her little boy again. 

Good luck out there, Baby Ranboy. Mommy Ranman is a fierce beast when it comes to you kids…

…your sister- not so much love coming your way. So far every birthday gift you’ve received came with a Baby Rangirl disclaimer “is it my turn to play with Ranboy’s toy? Sharing is caring!”